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Concierge Catering is a new service-first company that represents a family of high-quality restaurants across a variety of cuisines.

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Our menu is inspired by the food from the streets of Jesús Maria, markets in Cusco, family homes in La Molina, and restaurants in Miraflores.

What sets Ají Limo apart from the rest is the high-quality products we use for our dishes and drinks. We believe that in order to provide amazing, delicious food and craft cocktails we need to start from the source and serve high-quality items. We strive to provide every guest with an authentic Peruvian experience through great service and high-quality foods and beverages.

Ella's American Kitchen

20 years of scratch-made recipes. As a scratch-made kitchen offering a seasonally driven, ever-changing menu, we want you to see Ella.

Ragoon Ruby

Rangoon Ruby serves the finest Burmese food from the esteemed Chef Max Lee

With accomplished chefs proficient in all of the specialties that make Asian-Burmese cuisine sought after by food aficionados, Rangoon Ruby is fast striking a chord with diners looking for a fresh, modern approach to one of Asia's most popular cuisines.

Influenced by Indian, Thai, and Chinese cooking, our authentic Burmese menu is complemented by an exquisite bar with signature Tiki cocktails including our eponymous Rangoon Ruby (a must-try, for all first-timers!).


We cater the casual dining burger restaurant and franchise, Wahlburger, and have many selections for you to choose from! We currently do not have a catering menu so, options will be individually priced off the menu.

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Delicious Indian Food


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